An Doan Nguyen (born 1978, Vietnam) has his education from from Wimbledon College Of Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Art History at the University of Bergen, Norway. He has been purchased by several major collectors both at home and abroad. He has also decorated several private and public buildings. Nguyen’s paintings can be described within the photorealistic genre. Nguyen lives and works in Fredrikstad, outside of Oslo, Norway.

The artist’s works are often very detailed and the strokes heavily brushed out. Light and shadow are carefully concidered and used in a dramatic and emphasizing way. Contrasts and dramatic compositions can sometimes be referred to Baroque masters such as Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Velasques. At the same time, the artist chooses not to relate within a given genre. The works can therefore vary from an impressionistic, almost abstract expressionist, to a photorealistic and precise expression. The paintings can appear as fragments or fragments from a landscape, a memory or an emotion. Some of the motifs are not slavishly processed, but improvised so that elements such as color, light, shadows and objects change. In this way, the artist’s work can open up for a more meditative and picturesque expression. An expression that sometimes moves within a dreamlike and almost surreal form.

In Nguyen’s works, whether empty parking lots, deserted streets or abandoned industrial areas, the absence of people, disturbing elements and noise create an almost apocalyptic atmosphere, often in strong contrast to the artist’s untraditional color choices. Colors that can range from cool blue, light turquoise to magenta. Although Nguyen’s work can vary greatly in theme and motif, one and the same work can express both deep loneliness and a vibrant spark of life.