Born 1963 in Odense in Denmark.

Innocence contra decadence. Aesthetics contra sensuality. Femininity contra masculinity. Seriousness contra humor.

By using symbolic references and ambiguities in her artwork, Ann-Lisbeth Sanvig intends to express, that life is not always, what it seems to be. Her inspiration is often vintage photos of women in piquancy postures. Today these pictures seem more innocent compared to contemporary pictures, but it is still the same issue. Ann-Lisbeth Sanvig puts them in another context combined with subtle details of odd or eccentric and humoristic elements. She tries to put herself in their place. Therefore, in Ann-Lisbeth Albek Sanvigs artwork, the women have distanced themselves from us the spectators or voyeurs in order to maintain their inner integrity.

Another element in her artwork is the empty Space. These spaces gives the viewer the opportunity to use their own imagination.