Charles Grande has grown up in Lierne in Trøndelag; a region of Norway with breathtaking nature. Its great charm lies in the fact that the landscape is wild and rugged and at the same time soft and tender. This landscape is in his DNA and alive in his body and soul wherever he is in the world! It is thus obvious that his childhood surroundings areof a fundamental influence in his paintings, not in the sense determining what he paints, but where he finds nourishment for the painting processes.

He has always had the belief that if you just let go when working with art and start trying things out, things will happen.

He says: «I am always relievedwhen I start feeling the painting, then there is always something to build on Since he found a studio in Bergen in 2003, he has worked through many stages of painting. The works currently on display at Galleri Ramfjord are his most recent paintings, where his focus on colour is even more intensified than previously.

He plays around with vertical and horisontal structures, interacting; where the vertical forms/lines flow playfully and with feeling across the solid horisontal planes on the canvas.

The reason why he is very excited about these paintings: «They take me places where I can breath more freely, he says, and my whole being feels more alive»