Mimmi Kandler (Swedish artist and actor, born 1969)

For as long as I can remember, I have had a strong attraction to art and creation. And in combination with my interest in pedagogy, psychology and behavioral science, I have understood that these areas naturally and obviously went hand in hand with creation and contribute to deepening and refinement in each other’s field. As if they lived in symbiosis.

I think I believe that it can be seen in what I create. The story of what happens within us and how we experience, interpret and respond to our surroundings in our vulnerability. As well as in our childlike innocence, when the door is wide open to our inner self. In meetings – with others or with ourselves. In the present. The proximity to the details, the small, the simple and the beautiful in everyday life … and maybe even in what we would at first glance consider a little skewed and ugly.

And then the humor. Humor is important. Not in the sense that we laugh hysterically and then put the laughter in our throats because we do not dare to cry. No, rather the twinkle in the eye combined with a crooked smile. The little that is needed to just never lose hope. -Mimmi Kandler