Mónica de Morais Lives and works in Cascais, Portugal. Being the author of multi-faceted work, focused on painting, drawing and engraving, her most recent works deal with humanitarian and spiritual reflection themes. She attended the National Society of fine arts (1992-1997), studied engraving at Atelier Paiva Raposo and since then she has been integrated in individual and collective exhibitions regularly in Portugal, Spain, France, England, Italy and also in China. Her participation stands out with engraving works at International biennials in Kanagawa, Japan, Taipei, and Formosa. Her works can be found in various private collections and at the Museum Florean of Contemporary Art – in Romania, Baia Tide; the Museum Luo Qi Moderm Art – China, Hangzhou & Qingtian, Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation – Mana Contemporary, New York and House of Arts, Red Bull Hangar-7, Salzburg, Austria. She is currently represented by Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway.