Tina Tobiassen’s style of painting can be described as naive optimism, a faith in good outcomes. Glimpses of this philosophy are apparent in all her work, a belief in change and the courage to break away from familiarity and leap into the unknown. It also contains a focus on being aware of the here and now, present in ones own life, both physically and mentally, and recognising those magic moments that are destined to be captured. Her metamodernistic project is in constant evolution. Recent work incorporates an increased interest in stories and memories, always carrying an aura of optimism. What do we remember of our own story? Those sun-drenched summers, innocent childhood joys, discoveries and achievements, fleeting memories of the past that create a vaguely transient whole.
Tobiassen’s materials are acrylic paint, charcoal and desert sand, the latter adding a tactile and personal element to her canvases. Her primary subject matter is figurative and recognisable, but she also incorporates a certain degree of abstraction. Often a clearly-defined single figure or group of figures dominates the foreground, but the surrounding background landscapes have a dreamlike quality. Without depicting specific locations, these trigger recognition in the viewer. Such glimpses of seascapes and coastlines can also be interpreted as metaphors for our shared human experience. The viewer is drawn into the artist’s universe simultaneously in the role of onlooker and participant.