Ali Warren (b. 1975 Redwood City, California) is a painter residing in Lake Tahoe, California.  Warren’s realistic, emotional figures are depicted with loose and meandering brush strokes that are underpinned by technical drawing proficiency and purposeful distortion.  Her paintings reveal a state of estrangement and loneliness; a psychological disorientation created by her intricate compositions.  Her journey into the colors and pulp of the skin is an homage to painters born from the neo-figurative movement.  Reminiscent of 15th century Flemish painters, she sets her figures amongst their daily surroundings while her technique embodies the sedulousness of modern America.

Ali Warren earned a BSA in nursing and BA in Wilderness Leadership. As an artist she is primarily self taught.  By attending workshops with master painters and professors from the Chicago Art Institute, Warren has mastered her skill through diligent work and commitment to the ongoing study of art history and modern art.  She showed most recently at Nasima Landau Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel and was featured in “Art in the Time of Corona Vol 3” with Dab Art Co. (virtual). In 2021, Vogue magazine highlighted Warren’s work “The Nanny” and “JVE”.  Later that same year Dab Art Co. chose Warren’s work to be shown during Zona Maco (Mexico City, Mexico) and highlighted her solo show titled “The Nature of Life”. Despite Ali’s emerging artist status, her work is sought after by prominent collectors and buyers.

Works by the artist