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Did you win? Make sure to CHECK OUT of the auction for us to receive and register your purchase. 

We will contact everyone outside Norway to organize shipping. Everyone who has chosen wire transfer / invoice will receive one during this week. We are sending out over 200 invoices and wrapping the equal amount of artworks for shipping / pick up so please be patience with us. 

GUIDE: (please read)

1) All bids start at 1/3 of the gallery price and 1/2 of the gallery price on sculptures.
2) All bids increase by 10% of the gallery price.
3) The auction only takes place online, you can place a bid by pressing the “Bid now” button.
4) All artworks can be seen in the gallery, open for public every day 12:00-18:00 January 22 - 29. Weekend 12.00-16.00. 
5) You must register with e-mail and telephone number to be able to place a bid.
6) Your account is called “Account” and is located in the top right corner of our website.
7) Inside your account, you can create a “Watchlist” and follow the artists / auction products of your choice.
8) You will receive an email when you have submitted a bid. Check your spam box if you have not received.
9) You will receive an email when someone bids over you. Check your spam box if you have not received.
10) Do not wait until the last minutes of the auction to place a bid, if someone thinks the same way, it may happen that your bid does not go through.
11) Remember to “check out” of the auction if you become the bid winner, otherwise your purchase will not be registered and it will remain in the shopping cart in your account.
12) You can pay by credit card (fee) or invoice (no fee).
13) We ship worldwide, shipping is extra.
14) We deliver at the door throughout the Oslo erea, it costs around 500,-  
15) All bids are binding. 

We also do face time, it you are not able to come to the gallery, but want to have a closer look at specific artwork(s).
Contact us at [email protected] to make an appointment or ask for a video.

Ask if there is anything else you are wondering about. We are happy to guide you through.
Vi tar forbehold om feil i fargegjengivelser og prising.
Good luck!