Steen Larsen is one of a small group of artists using the mimetic approach in their work – meaning they reflect reality through precision in both detail and expression. Conceptually his work with urban settings centre the tracks mankind leave behind in nature. While driving and traveling in the USA and Europe, Larsen mounts a camera on the windshield on his car and shoots thousands of photos that later serve as sketches for his oil paintings. His photo-based paintings are narratives mimicking a road movie on canvas. Speed is captured at its essences as well as other present-day scenes.

Recent awards and exhibitions in 2016 include; Artist Residency at ESKFF located at MANA Contemporary Art Centre, NJ, USA, a group exhibition at Townley Gallery, Laguna Beach as well as a solo exhibition at Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway. In January 2015 the work was exhibited at the Annual ESKFF Auction at Mana Contemporary NYC and in December 2014 Larsen exhibited at Haupt in Basel, Switzerland and Gallery V58 Aarhus DK. His work was included in the “Painting and Its Contexts” exhibition at the Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius, Lithuania in 2013 and ”Danish Landscapes”, Astley Hall Art Gallery, Manchester, England in 2006, and Art Halmstad, museum Sweden 2006

Steen Larsen’s work can be seen in the book “Road” published for his solo show at Art Centre Sophienholm and Art Centre Silkeborg Bad.