Bea Sarrias (Barcelona, 1978), is a Fine Arts graduate and has a D.E.A (Advanced StudiesDiploma) by the University of Barcelona.

In 2016 she attended the workshop “Maestros de la figuración” (Masters of Figuration) given byartist Antonio López in University of Navarra. She has taken part in several group and individual exhibitions in the following galleries in Barcelona, Miquel Alzueta, Jordi Barnadas, Victor Lopez and Galeria Ansorena and EmotionGallery in Madrid (Spain).

Arquitecture becomes the tool to capture light in her work. The arquitectural spaces she uses are presented as anonimous. She usually works from pictures taken of privat wellknown arquitects such as Richard Neutra, Sert, Bonet Castellana and Coderch. She modifies the space in her paintings by changing it or adding objects to give her personal view. She also portrays private homes on commission.