Cathrine Muryn currently lives and works in Nesodden, Norway, but her main artistic activity has been in Catalonia and France, where she has participated in numerous solo shows and juried group exhibitions. Several art collections in Europe feature her work, and four of her paintings are owned by Lluís Peñuelas Reixach, former secretary general of the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation. Her artworks have also been acquired by Nesodden municipality and Clohars-Carnoëtmunicipality in Brittany. She is a member of BKA and NBK

Cathrine is a visual artist working primarily with painting. Her works are abstract and intuitive, consisting of rhythm, temperament and materiality. Light and dark, – compositions that lie between the poetic and the expressive. Her works explore color and tonality, the materiality of colors and contrast along with the location mood. They are concerned with the process of painting itself and the energy expressed through the texture, contrast and composition of colors. Her inspiration comes from impressions of landscapes, and the observations of shifting lights and colors. She chooses square formats, so the paintings appear as segments of something larger. Lines and shapes disappearing in all directions, as if the painting continues where the canvas ends.