Lene Kilde grew up in Rælingen outside Oslo. She has a Master’s degree in Production Design from the Oslo and Akershus College at Kjeller. She also has studied at Einar Granum’s Art School and Asker Art School. Lene was recently awarded the Arts Council Norway’s three-year scholarship for young artists.

Early on, Lene primarily worked with figurative steel wire sculptures.Through the steel wire sculptures, she challenges ideas about the differences between sculpture and drawing.

Lene Kilde creates sculptures inspired by children and their emotions. She finds that children’s body language is their purest form of communication. This is visualized by showing very few body parts, usually only hands and feet, which then are placed in proportion to each other with the use of metal mesh. Her intention is to invite the audience to use their own imagination so that they can complete the sculptures and fill in the lines and volume by themselves. The sculptures are made of concrete, metal mesh and air.

Lene had her first soloexhibition at Galleri Ramfjord, february 2014 and one of her large installations was bought by NRK (Norwegian Broadcast).