Peter Sutton is a British artist, trained in both England and Wales and has been living in Norway since 2001. As well as painting he also studied stained glass and works on public commissions (Britain and Norway). About 10 years ago, he took up painting again full time and seriously full on. His painting is born out of a need to address, express, suggest and narrate life around him. The experienced moments, events and scenes that he paints must have a personal resonance and tension – then the painting journey begins. This also amounts to creating tension through the mingling of narrative, suggestion and abstraction; of letting go of the subject but not the feeling, so the painting can breathe.

“It is the feeling of the story that is left. I work with oil paint. My painting process is a response to moments of everyday life. Through evoking suggestion, rather than realism, I aim to keep the painting alive and the narrative open. For me, it is important to embrace the process with freedom am impulse and to make the experience alive and breathing, rather than formal and descriptive. Each work is therefore a journey and not just another picture.

I hope to give the viewer an idea of a felt experience.”