Ragnhild Slåen (1961)was born and raised in Otta, Gudbrandsdalen. She has lived most of her life in Lillehammer.

She has always expressed herself though drawing and painting, but the last 10 years she has truly started focusing on art and her self-development as an artist.

She has always been fond of simplifying the naturalistic. She uses clean surfaces and lines in order to create balance and tension in her paintings. She uses clean surfaces in contrary to the more diffuse, and tries to limit the color palette in her paintings. She tries to use complementary colors in contrast to each other. She wants to create tension between surfaces.

The year of 2017/18, the artist stayed in Lofoten, mostly Stamsund. She was quite taken by all the old abandoned houses that was about to fall back to nature. Ancient houses that becomes a part of the cultural landscape. The houses alongside the intersecting powerlines gave her inspiration to use more lines as points of tension and contrast to the abandoned houses. She spent one month in Værøy, right by the ocean, which gave her inspiration to paint ocean and sky in a more “straightforward” method, where different or contrasting faces meet.