Tone Behncke was born i Oslo, Norway, 1966.

She grew up with her parents and two older brothers, always occupied being fysically active in nature or in the ballet hall. She startet painting on porcelain when she was 14, and since then she found her interest in paint. After studying Business Administration for 4 years, she worked in finance and with personal training and had 3 children before she found her way back into Art.

«This is my history about landscapes, and my own meetings with nature. The questions I ask are whether it´s possible to explore more in different ways. To me, it´s interesting to study all the variations. My work and expression change from being story telling to descriptive of state. The process is systematic and structured, but also contemplative. I strive to be clear and precise describing what´s interesting to me: distance/depth/spatiality, rhythm and energy.»