Heidi Jahr Kirkeby grew up in Oslo. In 2004, an old dream came true when she began her art education as an adult. She has attended various art schools and studied under many different artists. Today, she works professionally as a visual artist and has her studio in the artist community at “Flytårnet” Cultural Center in Bærum, outside Oslo. She has had a number of exhibitions, both separate and collective exhibitions, and has also participated in several juried exhibitions. She has been represented at Galleri Ramfjord since 2019 and had her first solo there in 2020.

“Heidi Jahr Kirkeby has a great range in the artistic expression. In the studio, she shows three directions; pure abstraction, impressionistic plant paintings with an abstract base, and portraits of indigenous people with varying degrees of abstraction, mainly in black, white and gray. – My core will shine through anyway, she says when I ask if she’s not afraid the audience will think she’s spreading too much. And of course she is right in that, because there is a nerve in her expression where the paintings serve as a foundation for the portrait series of strong women from different indigenous groups. If you look closely you will find various ornaments in the portraits as well. They unfold with a few color tones, drawn up with strong lines and beautiful wash drawings in the surfaces. —Review written by art critic Lars Elton, May 2017

Works by the artist