Jana Büttner (b. Austria, 1997) is a German-Czech Sculptor currently teaching at the Florence Academy of Art, Italy. 

In her works, she  explores human emotions and contradictions. 

“The human figure is very inspirational for me, and I want to formulate a counter-argument to that feeling of vulnerability that accompanies it, whilst also striving for the empowerment of the nude

I want to symbolize the internal reflection we as humans are going through. In our daily lives , it’s essential to take a moment for introspection and engage in the art of reflection. Much like a mirror that reveals our external appearance, our internal mirror reflects the depths of our thoughts and emotions.” 

Büttner har been exhibited at the MEAM (Museu Europeu d’Art Modern)  in Barcelona, Farbton “Haus of kulture Anif” in Salzburg, Art’s Birthplace – Athens “Time of art Gallery” in Athens, “Divulgati palazzo Ducale” in Genova, “London Bienalle” at the Chelsea Old Town Hall, Lucca Virtuoso & Belcanto festival, Escpacp Exicitionista Gallery in Lisbon, and Foundation Taylor Paris. 

Works by the artist