Kesja was born in Opole, Poland and is currently living in Oslo, Norway.
She has always loved to draw and paint. Since she was a little girl she was involved in activities that had to do with Art.
In her art work she uses many different techniques, understanding that each painting asks for its own approach and treatment depending on what message she wants to express to the viewer. Through her art, she wants to show the beauty of people and of the world and send a positive message. She sees that there is a lot of beauty in the world, and she works hard to express that through her paintings. Her biggest inspiration are people, therefore her work is often a portraiture and figurative painting. Her love of realism is widely seen in her paintings through the compositions of lines, shapes, values, textures.

During the past two years Kesja has participated on two artist in residency programs at Galleri Ramfjord. She was interviewed by John Dalton on his famous podcast “Gently Does It” and became part of the museum collection at New Salem Museum in Massachusetts, USA. Later this year she will participate on a group show at Arcadia Contemporary in New York. She has no formal education.

Upcoming Exhibition: July 1 – 16, 2023

Works by the artist