Luis Bivar (1965) began painting at the age of 16, and has explored various techniques in his work, primarily painting, drawing, mixed media, and more recently sculptures.

In his new “Botanics” works you can as a viewer discover something hidden. His idea is to transmit good energy through the works, with vibrant colors and smooth planes in a figurative expression.

In his mind painting is not something that has to be dramatic to be interesting or that oil painting is worth something more than the rest. “This is a clichés and are not true today in the contemporary art world. I think artists has to be creative not only in speech but also in technique, it is important to always be innovate.”

Previous work: The inspiration of the “Forest” paintings is the Garden of Eden. Luis wants to put all the flowers and birds in the world in the same forest. The result are these original art works with a good vibe. The range of human emotions communicated by the face is the subject of “Face It”. Bivar uses collages of Marvel comics to add depth and interest to the entire universe of imagery and meaning to his work. Intentionally allowing the artist’s hand to show in false starts and imperfections. In this series he consciously covers only the eyes and mouths. In his words: “two important elements that define the human expression.”

Works by the artist