Ramfjord Art Talks

Various Art Talks in both English and Norwegian. These episodes are meant for “listening to” so you don’t have to watch. Enjoy!

Ramfjord Art Talks, episode 5) RAMFJORDS JULEVERKSTED

Fnis og fjas og en postiv oppsummering av et vanskelig år… (in Norwegian)

Ramfjord Art Talks, episode 4) Miami art talk – behind the scenes. Guests: Inga Holth and Bianca Boege (in Norwegian)

EPISODE 3) We are talking to Erlend Mikael Sæverud and Morten Krogvold (in Norwegian)

EPISODE 2) We are talking to Erlend Mikael Sæverud (in Norwegian)

EPISODE 1) We are talking to Valeria Duca, Arne Spangereid, Kesja Tabaczuk and Gabriel Schmitz about how they became artists and how to cope with the art world (in English)