Arne Spangereid (b.1981) is an artist from Spangereid in Norway. He is to a large degree self taught, but ever since his parents sent him to an art school for children, he has attended art-classes with various teachers in Norway, Malta and USA.

“As a child growing up in a tiny village on the Norwegian coast, I often dreamed of the big city. And it came to pass that I spent several years of my life in the business world, living in USA and travelling from one city to the next. The feeling of arriving alone in a new metropolis with all of its chaos, mystery and sense of opportunity, made a lasting impression that continues to inspire me.”

“My style of painting is a fusion of classical methods and contemporary expressions. Contrasts and paradoxes attract me. I combine delicate glazing techniques with rough tools such as squeegees and rubber spatulas, and I enjoy creating contrasts between abstract elements and descriptive passages that make sense of the rest of the picture. To me this resonates with life itself: out there in the madness there are a few moments and relationships that give meaning to everything else.”